Looking back on our journey, it is the pleasance of a room that affects the richness of the memory. One of the best things we can experience would be the pleasure of lying down on a comfortable bed after great sight-seeing and a spectacular meal. The young client couple, based on their experiences from traveling abroad numerous times, wanted the shelter to be comfortable and welcoming with humane and local atmosphere along with a homemade style breakfast rather than luxurious. Therefore they named it ‘Eridu, café & beds’, meaning ‘home built far away from home’ or ‘shelter where wanderers rest’ instead of the common word, ‘pension’ or ‘guesthouse.’


The triangular site, originally a farm filled with tangerine trees, is at a quiet residential area looking down Seogipo coast. It is a humane village surrounded by the sea on the south and Halla Mountain on the north and around the site sits a stone wall which is common in Jeju Island. It was a waste to dig out this land so the building was designed in a way that did not hugely affect the nature.


Total space of 496m2 was required; room for the clients (66m2), room for their parents (99m2), five guesthouses, family room with cafeteria (132m2) and other facilities (1,851m2). Since each program is better off separated rather than next to each other, it was avoided to look like one mass.


The nature seeps in through between these masses, with the mountain and the sea inside it.


A triangular garden for events is created in the center of the site by arranging buildings on the border. Flat concrete slab on one side of it works with various purposes.


The façade of the buildings were designed like the continuity of stone walls and made with the same materials, ‘gotjawaldol’, typical to Jeju. It looks as if the stones walls continue into the building and around it.


Everyone living in the bustling city have a small wish to live in the suburbs and have a garden of their own. In Eridu, there is a garden for every room and nature seeps in through it. On the land once filled with tangerine trees, there is now a building with a new kind of nature on it.


On the second floor, there are five minimum rooms with bed and shower for two and a private garden each. A big room for families is on the first floor.


At the cafeteria for visitors and customers, transparent glass was used to invite nature inwards.


A home for the young couple clients is on the second floor at the southern end. It is a minimal space with a bedroom and an attic. They can enjoy the sea view at the balcony connected from the living room.


The first floor below it is for their parents and it has a private garden separated from the guesthouses. A little attic for reading is connected to the second floor.


After the construction, hearing the client talk about many concerts and events already held there and that foreigners including celebrities accounting more than half of the visitors, was pleasant like that of a father’s when he hears his daughter is living well after marriage.





Site area

Gross floor area



Residential + Commercial   

Daepo-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Completed,  Jul. 2014

184.6 sqm

473.14 sqm

Joh Sungwook  Kim Jinkyung 

Lee Namseon  Joh Sungwook











단독주택 + 근린생활시설

제주 서귀포시 대포동

2013.04 ~ 2013.08

2013.09 ~ 2014.07

184.6 ㎡ / 55.84 평

473.14 ㎡ / 143.12 평

조성욱  김진경


이남선  조성욱